Were not perfect

Hey i’m Arianna i’m not perfect no one is some girls in 5th grade used tease me because i’m not perfect but oh well people no one is perfect! were unique in our own way that doesn’t mean being perfect it means being you and that is the most important of all being you is […]

Bob dies again)-:

Hi my name is Bob and I like dying. Like this one time I ate breakfast and then died, Then I Billy the dog said hi to me then I died, Then the obvious whenever I poop I die. But then one day I died in a different way. I was walking to work then […]


Oranges they are bad and want to take everything and turn it into a orange lala land well here’s a poem about how oranges are going to take over the world one day…..   Oranges are bad oranges are horrible they want to take over and turn you into an orange that’s why this is […]

March 24th

YAY it’s almost spring break! Except after everyone comes back there quizzes,tests,And the most important SOLs! The most horrifying thing in the world and the thing that even get’s you into high school. I’m not really the material for any test taking things especially the SOLs the most horrifying thing/test in the world. Anyway i’m […]


What I say too people who don’t like English class. What people say in there head. “BRUH I don’t like English can’t you deal!” I just roll my eyes like why? Well everyone should like English class it’s awesome! Other than History, History is my second favorite you know why? Because I have the best […]

5th grade……

Life was okay The girls there not very welcoming still aren’t my life was awesome till 5th grade….. because last year of elementary school! I wanted to leave 5th grade and I wanted to stay And I mean LIKE BRUH everyone knows your not my real friend I’M NOT STUPID for (6th grade girls who […]


http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Po_eT22yB6U   Elmo everyone loves him! He is he is…… I don’t know what he is… He’s red And furry and weird:) he is he is… well that’s all I got thanks for reading!

Awesome Ms.Haseltine

Hello world! (That’s my new entrance like it?) Anyways do you a favorite teacher I know I do?! Ms. Haseltine the best English teacher in the whole wide world! You know why? here’s a list of why Ms. Haseltine is one of my favorite teachers Because she is the most funniest teacher like ever! Because she makes sure […]


  Don’t you think that everyone in your class or classes ask you for gum? Well welcome to life no one wants your gum! I’m just kidding some people ask for gum because there mom… or dad doesn’t want to give them gum until you’re responsible. Believe me I’ve been there before:) Have you ever wondered […]

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Have you ever heard of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S everyone says it’d the scariest game since 2012 Well I don’t believe it all Five Nights At Freddy’s has are jump scares, flashing noises, and anabatronics trying to eat your face and put you in freddy suit. I don’t entirely know the game but I don […]